Emergency Procedures

True Emergency
Dial 9-1-1 (when every second counts)
  • Save a Life
  • Report a Fire
  • Stop a Crime
Fire Emergency
In case of a fire, or smoke of any kind, the alert horn and strobe alarms will sound within the building. Whenever these horns sound, find the nearest stairway and exit the building as quickly and safely as possible. Fast-response sprinkler heads are located throughout the building – fire extinguishers are not necessary.
The elevators will not run during a fire emergency. In case of fire, the elevators will automatically go down to the lowest level.
Once you are outside, stay outside until the emergency has been resolved by the Fire Department. A member of the property management team will inform you when the building is deemed safe to reenter.
Elevator Emergency
In the event that you are trapped in an elevator in our building:
  • Use the emergency call button inside the elevator (located on the bottom of the main elevator panel).
  • An operator from ThyssenKrupp Elevator will assist you. Wait patiently, someone will respond.
  • Once connected with an operator, provide your name and confirm the building name or address, the elevator number and floor number (if known), and then remain on the line until you are told to hang-up.
  • Remain calm and stay in the elevator car. DO NOT attempt to force open or exit the elevator.
  • Wait for the Fire Department/Rescue personnel and follow their instructions upon arrival.
  • If you were unable to get an operator, and you have a phone, please call 911.
  • If you do not have a phone, please call out from the cab.
Flood Emergency
Unlike a fire emergency, a flood emergency will develop gradually. Nevertheless, in case of a flood, the City of Boulder emergency sirens will sound and a real-time message will be broadcast about the flood and the actions that should be taken to ensure your safety.
The City of Boulder emergency sirens are tested regularly on the first Monday of each month from April through August. The two-minute tests are performed at 10 am and 7 pm. The purpose of the two tests is to familiarize people who work and live in different areas.
In addition, the City maintains a database linked with telephone numbers that are used for Reverse 911 emergency calls to those directly affected within a specific flood emergency area.
Electrical Power Outages
In the event of an electrical power outage, there is an electrical power generator back-up resource for critical and emergency equipment. The backup power supply maintains access to all secured pedestrian points of access.  
If the power outage lasts longer than ten (10) minutes, please contact PNE at 303.938.6801.
If instructed to evacuate the building, proceed cautiously to the nearest exit. The building is equipped with an emergency light system that will provide enough illumination in main corridors and stairways for safe exiting.

All buildings have limited access for the public. This ensures your security for your business. Please do not give out your access codes/cards to anyone. Please escort all guests in an event they need access to restricted areas. It is important to know these steps are to keep the buildings secure and liability to a minimum.
In an event, of a security breach please do NOT engage in the situation but call property management. If it is a life-threatening situation call 911.